Our Lighting Philosophy...

LEDs are known for there longevity. But often overlooked is their 'granularity'. The tiny One Watt LED can be combined in nearly infinite combinations to achieve unprecedented OPTIMALITY in lighting. You can literally design a lighting fixure that precisely meets your photometric requirements. This quest for OPTIMALITY and the broader.

CUSTMIZABLITY is but primary focus at Aagami! We also believe that the longevity of LEDs must be matched by a total SYSTEM DESIGN of a fixture, where every component lasts untill the LEDs take their last breath! And as Envirnomentalists ourselves.RESOURCE EFFICIENCY from cradel-to grave is our underlaying mantra!

The future of lighting is here


The light that does not die...

The resolve to build the most optimal,robust and customizable lights in the world brought us to one fundamental conclusion: The Die Must Die! In other words, The die-cast body defeats every philosophy we hold sacrosanct.But then what should we do? The epiphany come from the auto industry: matching the whole fixture body out of pure Aluminium sheets! This fundamental choice gives us unmatched customizabilty and heat dissipation. Needless to say,the robustness increases. Ofcourse making the dicision was easy. Building the whole rapid designing and manufacturing process was a lot harder. Watch the short video to see how we do it.

Our Installation Showcase

From remote villages to large townships to city sectors to factory yards and shades to sport courts. Our unique lighting installations have brocken new ground in terms of customizability and optimalty.Exceeding our customers delight in terms of performance and reliability

Nanded City High-Mast Lights Case Study
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Magarpatta Street Lights Cast Study
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Enpro Case Study - High Bay Lighting
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These showcases illustrates our unique technological advantage. But there are many more equally worthy of there own space here such as collage campsues, villages, badminton facilities, industrial sheds, residential societies etcetera.while we get those case studies online. just give us call or come see us.

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