Industrial Bay Lights

In addition to 70% energy savings and maintenance free long life, Aagami bay lights bring some unique benefits to industrial applications.

Aagami's Industrial lights designed are modular and stackable at site, thus addressing the varied field requirements. Our highly efficient heat management reduces heating load inside factories.

Our optimized task lighting means light is concentrated where it is needed. Further customization allows uniform lighting even suitable for non-uniform grids

Key Specifications

Sr. No. Description Model No. System Wattage Total Lumens* Case Lot (Nos.)
1 75W LED Flood Light AHBL 001 - 6K 75 75W 9375 05
2 100W LED Flood Light AHBL 001 - 6K 100 100W 12500 05
3 150W LED Flood Light AHBL 001 - 6K 150 150W 18750 01
4 200W LED Flood Light AHBL 002 - 6K 200 200W 25000 10
5 300W LED Flood Light AHBL 002 - 6K 300 300W 37500 01
Standard Applications Customized Application
Factory Shed Lighting Non uniform grid application
Warehouse Lighting ----