Welcome to a star-city

16m tall high-mast at Nanded City, Pune

Back on the tremendous success of Magarpatta City, an exemplary modern township made possible by 400+ farmers, the planners set their sights higher: onto the 700 acre modern township of Nanded City. Right outside its modern gate, stands a 16m tall high-mast pole, beckoning everyone to a modern life inside. The previous 8 fixtures, each a 400W Metal Halide, however didn’t do justice to the city’s ethos. Frequent burnouts, insufficient lighting and ancient looks marred the ambience of the city right outside the entrance gate. When it was time to replace these fixtures by LEDs, the city planners looked nowhere else but Aagami. Maybe the exemplary performance and durability of our Magarpatta fixtures had something to do with it.

Even though the mandate was to install LED high-mast lights of higher wattage, we were confident that our 110W high-mast fixtures would do the job. This resulted into a whopping 75% energy saving right out of the bat. It also highlighted one important point: how high-mast poles could be made much simpler and cheaper by using Aagami’s extremely light-weight fixtures! The lantern carriage on all high-mast poles today are designed to carry extremely heavy die-cast fixtures. Even all other LED fixtures, which use die-cast bodies, do not reduce weight substantially. Aagami’s world-patented die-less fixtures are often half or onethird as heavy as other LED fixtures, enabling significant savings in lanterncarriage designs!