Illuminating a well-oiled factory!

Bay lighting at Enpro Industries Pvt Ltd

Enpro is a world-class manufacturer of lubrication systems with a large export market. The original lights at their flagship factory near Pune, were 400W Metal Halide highbay fixtures in all four bays. When it was time to replace them with LEDs, their search finally stopped at Aagami’s 150W stackable bay-light modules. The worldclass technology leadership of Enpro immediately recognised the grounds-breaking technological advantages of Aagami lights.After a pilot installation of Aagami fixtures in one of the bays, a sideby- side comparison was made between 150W Aagami fixtures and the existing 400W MH fixtures in an adjacent bay. The results wereastounding! The light from Aagami fixtures was not only cleaner and whiter but also 30+% brighter, in addition to delivering almost 70% energy savings. Since the resultant light is brighter, there’s even higher potential for energy savings. Needless to say, the pragmatic leadership at Enpro opted to stay with brighter lights that Aagami fixtures offered them. It only goes to show Enpro’s concern for better workplace environment, productivity, and ambience!

Original 400W MH Lighting
Aagami’s new 150W LED Lighting
Side-by-side comparison: Aagami lights in the left bay, original MH lights in the right