Throwing light on a city of the future

Street Lighting atMagarpatta City, Pune.

Magarpatta City is a 400+ acre modern, mix-use township in Pune. But that’s where their similarity from all other townships stops. This township, hailed by none less than UN, is an example of a visionary leader, who brought together more than 400 farmers under a single roof. Instead of selling their lands to developers for a pittance, the farmers promoted and developed this world-class city themselves! Today, thousands of families and companies of all sizes call this city home. The well-designed, well-laid-out, and well-built modern infrastructure gives its residents a quality oflife that is hard to match outside the city. The city’s visionary leadership realised way before most, that LED streetlights was the future of lighting. Their quest to find reliable and highly efficient lights with aesthetics that matched the futurism of the city, eventually brought them to Aagami’s technology..

That was more than FIVE years ago, before most of the world had yet to wake up to the potential of LEDs. Working with the city, we designed highly efficient and reliable fixtures with unique aesthetics and photometries for the city. Thanks to our groundsbreaking machined aluminum technology, we could build a variety of fixtures with unique photometries and aesthetics for them. While doing so, we also addressed their big concerns such as light pollution and glare. Our unique designs, conceived especially for Magarpatta, ensured that light reached ONLY where it was required. Today, 5+ years later, more than 600 lights using Aagami’s world-patented technology are working faithfully and reliably, adding to the unique Magarpatta feel by their beauty: both at night and during the day!

One of the many futuristic looking fixtures at Magarpatta
Main ring-road in Magarpatta with zero light pollution
A bylane in Magarpatta
Very high uniformity